MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Authors

MindIT! is a project of Kamatoz Computing

MindIT! Authors:

  Greg Arkadiev

  • idea, programming, interface and web site design

    BRIEF INFO: Greg Arkadiev is the lead programmer and CTO of Kamatoz Computing. Being a professional psychologist Greg offers totally different approach to writing Windows applications. He's major idea is that "software should be written in such a way that a user can work with it not just easily but with a feeling of intuitive understanding and controling it (both conciously and unconciously)". Greg is well known in Russia as a business trainer and online \ offline software developer.

    One of the major highlites in his developer career was the 'SiteGuide' search method implemented later by many Russian search engines on the Internet.

    Greg conducts monthly seminars on effective business strategies and developing Internet-related businesses in Moscow

  •   Julia Tretyakova

  • sound engine programming, initial sound mastering; customers tech support, creative management

    BRIEF INFO: Julia was the one who proposed the program name - MindIT! She also wrote the sound engine and performed digital sound mastering for first sound packs for MindIT! Now, Julia works as a full-time technical support manager providing Kamatoz Computing customers with one of the most responsive and sophisticated technical support service in shareware industry.

    While totaly devoting herself to customer services Julia is still around software creation generating ideas and doing ocassional programming.

  • Authors would like to specially thank:

  • Kamatoz Party "for the taste of life, we feel day after day"
  • Moscow NLP center "for constant stimulation of ideas generation process"
  • Dimitry Sidelnik "for financial support in the most beginning, 'teas', cardplay and awesome time together"
  • Alexey Zaikov "for thorough beta testing of v-v's 2.0 to 3.0
  • Svetlana Doukhanina "for friendship that well worth writing a book'

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