MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Service Tab

Service tab of the main window lets you use the following functions:

Block \ Unblock CTRL-ALT-DEL (Windows 9x and Windows ME only)
Blocks or unblocks this key sequence.

If MindIT! is unloaded from memory CTRL-ALT-DEL becomes unblocked automatically

Hide \ Show TaskBar
Hides or shows previously hidden TaskBar.

If MindIT! is unloaded from memory TaskBar becomes shown automatically

SHUTDOWN correctly stops all running applications, unloads them from memory, shuts the sytem down and powers off the PC
Keyboard shortcut: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F4

REBOOT correctly stops all running applications, unloads them from memory, shuts the sytem down and reboots the PC
Keyboard shortcut: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F3

KEEP IN MIND: 'SHUTDOWN COMPUTER' and 'REBOOT COMPUTER' functions do not ask for confirmation. Be careful using them.

HIBERNATE copies the contents of physical memory to hard drive and powers the PC off (after the PC is powered on again the system is restored to exactly the status it had before hibernating) (Windows 2000 - XP only)
Keyboard shortcut: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F2

MONITOR OFF turns monitor power off (by cutting off the video card signal). Monitor is powered on either on mouse movement or on pressing a key on keyboard.
Keyboard shortcut: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F5

PLEASE NOTE: Some older Windows 9x systems and Windows XP react on 'keyboard key released' event which would make the system power on the monitor right after it was powered off. To solve this MindIT! will wait for 1 second before turning monitor off after you have pressed the keyboard shortcut keys. This time is sufficient for a human being to release the pressed keys.

Hide \ reveal passwords (Windows 9x and Windows ME only)
Lets you see any text in password field as a text (instead of *** characters). To use this function open the window containing the password field (the one with *** characters), press CTRL-F12 and click this fiel with your mouse - you will see the password as human readable text.

If MindIT! is unloaded from memory this feature becomes unavailable

Quick Run

This part of 'Service' tab shows six icons representing various system utilities. Namely those are: ScanDisk, Defragmenter, ScanReg, DirectX diagnostics, Notepad and the default web browser


There are files on each computer hard drive(s) that do not serve any task but simply occupy hard drive space. Among those are temporary files used by various software installation packages, internet resources etc., cached data, already deleted (but not wiped) files. MindIT! allows you to remove these files and free up much space.

Drive Clean Out feature replaces basic Windows Cleanmgr program significantly speeding up the clean out process.
The Service tab contains the Clean out >> button. Pressing this button* brings up the cleanout menu:

    Recycle bin
    Temporary files
    Most recently used documents list
    Temporary Internet files (browser cache)
    Downloaded Program Files
    Offline web pages
    URL history
    All of above

*NOTE: alternatively you can run cleanout from either main menu or TaskTray icon pop-up menu.

ATTENTION: If you are not sure whether you need to clean out your drive or not - do not use this feature. It is intended for experienced computer users only!


Pressing this button will launch multi-converter that allows conversion of various temperature and distance units.

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