MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Swatch InternetTime

Starting with version 2.50 E MindIT! supports Swatch InternetTime.

This standard was proposed by Swatch (http://swatch.com). It’s idea is quite simple: each day is divided into 1000 Swatch Beats. Which makes 1 Swatch Beat equal to 1 minute and 26.4 seconds. Zero Swatch Beat (@000) starts at 0 hours 00 minutes at Beil (the place where Swatch HQ is located). Swatch HQ building has the zero BMT (Beil Mean Time) meridian painted on it.

No matter where you are situated, InternetTime is the same everywhere. While many consider this to be a successful PR action and a part of Swatch advertising campaign, InternetTime becomes a real new timing standard nowadays. It’s most convenient for making appointments with your business colleagues and friends all over the world as well as “date” on-line.

There are two ways to know what .beat is it now: either use Swatch wrist watches (more than 40 million units sold around the world) or use MindIT! on your home or office PC or your portable.

MindIT! was one of the first software products that supported Swatch InternetTime to give you the ability to know what .beat is it now!

@626 – in MindIT! status line – 626 .Beats of Swatch InternetTime

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