MindIT! 3.30 ENG - My Dates

This tab is used for adding your own important dates (such as birthdays, meetings etc.) to MindIT! organizer.

To add a new date press the Add… button
In a window that will open you can set the date and notification period (i.e. number of days before the given date to start notifying you) as well as the event description and comments.

The difference between the 'event' field and 'comments' field is that events are shown on My Dates tab of MindIT! main window, while a comment or a note is shown only in date notification window.

Example: lets say you want MindIT! to notify you of its birthday (which is to say on May, 25).
In this case you would set the values to the following:

Date: 25 - MAY
Event: MindIT! birthday
Comments and notes: Send congratulations to mindit@mail.ru
Notify for: 7 days before the date

Starting May, 18 the program will notify you of this event each time you power on your computer (and start MindIT!) or press the Show oncomming dates button.

To edit a date shown in the list double-click it. A window similar to 'adding a new date' will show up letting you to edit a date.

To delete a date from the list click it and then press [DEL] on your keyboard.
The date will be deleted.

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