MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Overview

Third version of mega-popular all-in-one organizer - MindIT!

MindIT! is a talking alarm clock with multiple voice packs support. Each of the 8 alarms available can be set to play a built-in sound, an .MP3 sound file, a .WAV sound file or muted (no sound) mode. Multiple setting for countdown timers also available! A built-in task scheduling agent will help you set and manage multiple condition-invoked tasks. MindIT! will notify you of oncomming major holidays and observances as well as your own dates and important days letting you put the insurmountable task of remembering things on the shoulders of your computer.

MindIT! shows a whole bunch of American and International times on one tab as well as the unified Swatch InternetTime. You can be totally sure that you are always on time now thanks to MindIT!'s Atomic time sync feature allowing you to set the exact time on your machine with digital precision of 0.001 of a second!

MindIT! extends the limits of commonly known organizers allowing you to run Windows system programs and use hidden functions with just one click!

MindIT! features the PC and Internet usage stats so that you know how much time you spend computing and surfing the web. 'Loging actions' feature will allow you to see what your kids were doing on the machine. MindIT! will notify you of low balance of your Internet connection account so that you always know what to expect! No more surpises! Not only you know how much time you spend on the 'Net - you know how much it costs you!

MindIT! offers a superb file Clean Out feature allowing you to remove temporary files from your hard drives as well as to hide the traces of your steps on the Internet (by removing unwanted cookies, caches and URL history information). MindIT! has built-in passwords revealing \ hiding feature to protect your privacy!

MindIT! allows on-the-fly change of screen resolution with its patented SmartResolution(rm) technology which ensure you have the highest possible refresh rate for each resolution mode. WindowsXP is fully supported!

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