MindIT! 3.30 RUS - Atomic Time Sync

Your computer clock might lost pace with real time as any other clock might. Only so called Atomic clock are correct. Those are very expensive and are usually located in important government structures such as observatories and educational facilities.

MindIT! allows you to synchronize your system clock with Atomic clock time-servers located around the globe. This means that with MindIT! your time will always be exact.

To synchronize system time with an Atomic clock server MindIT! uses SNTP protocol. It sends and receives only one packet to and from an NTP server and sets your system time with digital precision of 0,0001 of second. This value suits all PC needs.

To use this function you should select Time->Synchronize with Atomic clock from the main or pop-up context menu.

NOTE: if you have a problem of sync which generates time values to be shifted one or two hours (due to Windows misconfiguration) simply check the Synchronize minutes and seconds only flag in Synchronization Options.

ATTENTION: if your system is behind the Firewall or Proxy, SNTP may sometimes function improperly or not function at all. To make synchronization available under Proxy\Firewall you should permit inbound and outbound packets to UDP port 123. If you use Internet via local network ask your administrator to do so. This will not affect system security as UDP port 123 cannot be used for attacks.

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