MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Troubleshooting

Full on-line tech support is available for registered users via e-mail and at http://My-MindIT.com

Below you will see an off-line version of our F.A.Q.

Error: ęMindIT.exe is linked to a non-existant component of MFC42.DLLĽ
Explanation: Itís commonly known as MS DLL-Hell. The case is that some 3d parties programs perform so-called rogue-installs replacing original windows dllís with those stripped ones.
Solution: Get an archive of original system DLLs from Microsoft (available at http://microsoft.com and different software archives) and keep them at your hand. When something like this happens just replace those rogue dllís with original.

Problem: ęIím unable to connect to or receive time from any of programís atomic synchronization serversĽ
Explanation: Most probably your system is behind a firewall (security program) or proxy-server (traffic speed increase server). If that is the case, you should know that sync is impossible or inaccurate over NTP protocol.
Solution: To make atomic time sync possible you (or your system administrator) should permit incoming and outgoing traffic (inbound and outbound packets) to and from UDP port 123. This will not affect system security as UDP port 123 cannot be used for hacker attacks at all!

Problem: MindIT! doesn't say time
Explanation: bad or missing or damaged sound pack
Solution: Go to http://My-MindIT.com and download any of available sound packs. Unzip all files to some folder and specify its path in 'Options' window.

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