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Here you can download the trial version of MindIT! It looks much like the full version except that some features are disabled. After you download this 1 Mb trial version, run the MindIT-ENG-Setup.exe from the zip-file that you have downloaded and follow the on screen instructions to set up MindIT! 3.30 ENG on your system.

NOTE: It is recomended that you always read the enclosed ReadMe.txt file prior to running the program.

ALSO NOTE: We do our best to keep MindIT! setup file as small as possible to make downloads faster. That's why we have split the distribution into program setup file and sound pack. Also this helps you choose what sound pack to download and once again save your download time. To hear MindIT! saying current time and to enable AutoSay feature you should download a sound pack from this page.

If you want to you can see screenshots before downloading!

Description Filename Size Est Time Type Updated
MindIT! Trial Version 3.30 ENG 1 Mb 2 mins Exe 25.APR.2002 2:40
"Woman Voice" Sound Pack 1,03 Mb 4 mins Zip 20.MAR.2002 15:45

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You can register MindIT! Trial Version and get all it's features enabled here.

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