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This is the most important page of - the feedback page. Why is My feedback so important?

Well, to start with, feedback is the most important part of any communication as it gives other people I communicate with the chance to understand what is close to me, what I do understand and like and what not. Feedback gives people the chance to adjust their communication and behavior to meet the current needs of their partners.

My feedback gives the MindIT! developers team very important information on what I like in this software and what I'd like them to implement in further versions, what to add and what to change, what are My needs!

So if I fill the fields below and send my feedback the developers and other people would see it on this page and what's more important the team will consider each word in my message and will use all the constructive ideas in further versions of My MindIT!

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Feedback from users of MindIT!

NOTE: The following feedback postings passed moderation stage. Harsh words are not allowed on this site. Also server hides actual e-mail addresses of people in order to keep their privacy, since if your e-mail is posted here any spammer could use it. Since we get a lot of feedback through this page we do not post all the messages here. We try to pick only those that are original and those that describe various uses of MindIT! However, each message is being read and taken into account when making the new version!

"Truly think your MindIT! is excellent!
The longer I play with your system the more I like it and the more I can see just how much effort was made in it's development."

John Maselek, retired

"MindIT! allowed me to remove many one-task-performer programs from my PC.
I think it's awesome! Recently I bought a second copy of MindIT! for my notebook.
I travel a lot and MindIT! is like a personal advisor traveling with me!"

Landon Donavan, OH

I was looking for a long period a SW like your. Finally I FindIt! ;-)"


"Well, guys, that's what I call 'with a touch of style'. After I bought my MindIT! 2.62E and put it on my notebook I realised what is mobile computing. I mean those people at large software companies say that mobile computing is much around getting e-mails and connecting to remote office sites and I agree that it's important... But for me, being on the road half of the week, MindIT! seems to be also very important. Just imagine how great it was for me to realize that while I was asleep on a red-eye flight MindIT! task scheduling agent checked and defragmented my hard drive, ran my system tune-up program and woke me up just before landing so I could take my pills!<...>"

Sam Kivoto, Berkeley, CA

"Thank you, MindIT! Team!
I use MindIT! both in my office and at home. It's by far the most convinient time-keeping utility I've ever seen on the net: small, feature-packed and not expensive. I think 14 bucks well worth it. Keep up the good work!"

Ken Simons, IMS

"I especially liked the idea of life-time liscense. I've never encountered such a policy towards users. I actualy feel myself a part of the development team, since my ideas have been met with proper attention and I hope they'll become a part of the next release. And what's best - I'll get it for free as I already have the license. Even if they raise the price for the future versions it won't be a thing to me - superb! Keep it up guys!"

Sarah Goldstein

"Great program, guys!
I would only add some year-planning feature and MP3 support for alarm ring to the next release. CTRL-ALT-DEL disable and password revealing \ protecting are very cool..."

Jason Green

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