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This site is devoted to giving you the ability to download, purchase and personalize MindIT! program.

Well, in case you just got here for the first time and don't really know what is MindIT! and if you'd simply asked a person who owns a copy "What is MindIT! to you?" he'd probably answer: "MindIT! is:

  • own high-end time-processor capable of keeping my time exact at 0.0001 of a second rate with help of Synchronize over Internet feature.
  • personal multi-function talking alarm clock
  • holidays and observances reminder with support of updating of it's extensive database over Internet
  • high-accuracy Task Scheduler

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  • multi-tool capable of running Windows system tools with just one click including on-the-fly system shutdown\restart, sanity checks, optimizers and lots more
  • guide to times all over the world featuring time information for different time zones, countries and cities with support of unified Swatch InternetTime, which is same everywhere
  • personal PC and Internet usage stats manager, enabling me to see how much time I spend on the Internet and computing in general
  • DIAL-UP account information management software allowing me to see how much money is left on my account and how much time I can be on-line with my current payment plan
  • privacy and safety guard, enabling viewing windows passwords and protecting passwords from others' eyes, CTRL-ALT-DEL disabling and more
  • easiest to use Windows application ever with comprehensive help system, hints, on-line and e-mail support 24x7
  • cost-effective timekeeping and reminder solution for both office and home PCs and portables

    I would also see some screenshots to understand how it looks and how it works...

    What's BEST - MindIT! is shareware, which means you can try this software before you buy it for free and as long as you need to consider buying your very own life-time license. More...

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