MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Different OS support

MindIT! supports wide range of operating systems created by Microsoft Corporation. Some older systems has limited support for some of MindIT! features.

Windows 3.1 + Win32s not supported
Windows 95 not supported
Windows 95 Plus! not supported
Windows 95 OSR1 not supported
Windows 95 OSR2 minimal optional support

Windows 98 fully supported
Windows 98 SE fully supported
Windows ME fully supported

Windows NT 3 optional support
Windows NT 4 optional support
Windows CE not supported

Windows 2000 fully supported
Windows XP fully supported

  • minimal optional support MindIT! will run if Microsoft Foundation Classes are installed on the system but we cannot guarantee the stability of operation
  • optional support most of the features are supported except for one or two OS specific functions
  • fully supported MindIT! was fully tested and certified 100% compatible with these OS

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