MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Options

The 'Options' window allows you to configure MindIT! to suit your needs. Here is the description of each and every configuration aspect.

Launch MindIT!:
   • As a normal window – show the main window on startup
   • As a TaskTray icon – launch program as an icon in TaskTray with all features available via pop-up menu (left click 'M' icon to bring the menu)
   • Minimized – launch program minimized

Default: As a normal window

On startup display:
   • Alarms
   • Holidays and Observances
   • Tasks schedules
   • My Dates
   • World Times
   • Service
   • System Info
   • PC and Internet usage stats

Lets you select what information tab to display on program startup

Default: Alarms

Show MindIT! atop of all windows:
Uncheck this if the main window gets in the way when you read help :-) If it does not, leave it be.

Default: On

Clean out Windows temporary files on startup:
If this is checked - Cookies, Temp, Cache, Temporary Internet Files, History, Recycle Bin and other temporary junk files will be removed on program startup

Default: Off

Launch MindIT! with Windows:
Set this flag in order to make MindIT! autoload on Windows startup

Default: Off

Confirm exiting MindIT!:
Turn it off if you do not want to confirm exiting the program

Default: On

Shutdown and reboot Windows correctlty (notify applications):
If this option is set MindIT! will notify all running applications of that. It's a must for most cases but if there is a 'hanging' program in memory nothing will happen.
If this option is unchecked MindIT! will forcefuly reboot or shutdown system sending no notifications

Default: On

Time synchronization:
Allows configuring Atomic time sync options.

Synchronize time on connecting to Internet – as soon as connection to Internet is established time will be synchronized

Default: Off

Atomic time sync server – allows you to select synchronization server (list of servers is editable and updateable)

Default: ntp.maths.tcd.ie (most reliable at the moment)

Notify of successful time sync – if this option is set a report will be shown after each successful time synchronization

Default: Off

Synchronize minutes and seconds only – as it says, the sync module will set only the exact minutes and seconds on your local machine

Default: Off

Path to sound pack:
Enter path to sound pack manually or press the 'Browse' button to browse local folders for sound pack files

Default: Sound\

AutoSay Time Options

Say time every [   ] minutes
Set this to appropriate ammount of time before MindIT! automatically says current time

Default: On, interval: every 15 minutes

Say time in the beginning of an hour
Set this option to make MindIT! automatically say current time every hour

Default: Off

Say time every half an hour
Set this option to make MindIT! automatically say current time every half an hour

Default: Off

I connect to Internet using:
select your connection method:
modem connection or permanent connection

Default: Dial-UP (modem connection)

Automatically check for updates when connection becomes availbale:
Set this option to make sure you have the latest versMindIT!

Default: Off

Notify of low balance on my DIAL-UP account if there are less than:

ŐŐ $ – you will be notified when the amount of money left falls lower than the given value (ŐŐ)

YY day time hours – you will be notified when the number of day time hours left falls lower than the given value (YY)

ZZ night time hours – you will be notified when the number of night time hours left falls lower than the given value (YY)

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