MindIT! 3.30 ENG - Setting alarms

'Set alarms' window lets you configure each and every of 8 alarms in MindIT!

1) enter time in hour : minute format when the given alarm should ring
2) set the Alarm is ON flag
3) set the days when this alarm should ring (you can set 'Always' as an option)
4) Enter the Message note text that will appear on the screen when this Alarm rings
5) Select sound for this alarm (Available options: 3 built-in sounds, custom .WAV sound file or custom MP3 sound file*). Also there is an option to set a No sound (muted) alarm.
Perform the same actions for every alarm you want to set and press خت to save alarms settings and activate corresponding alarms.

*NOTE: MindIT! version 3.30 supports playback of MP3-files only if external .MP3 player is installed. In further versions we plan to support built-in playback module. While this is not the reality we recommend using free WinAmp player (http://winamp.com)

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