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MindIT! is shareware, which means you can try this software before you buy it for free and as long as you need to consider buying your very own life-time license.

As soon as you register you get all the features of the program enabled. But what's more important you get the program personalized - it would say it's registered to your name and your company and you'll be able to proudly say to yourself: "Yes! It's My MindIT!!!"

By registerening this software you ensure that it will continue it's development in Kamatoz Computing studios and that the new version will be released with new functionality and new features. The features you propose as ideas or advices will then definitely become a part of this people's program.

There is also something else you get when you register MindIT!: a lifetime license. We feel that software companies that charge people for updated versions are doing something unfair. So, with MindIT! you can just pay a modest sum of $19.95 once and get the updated versions of the software for the rest of your life for free.

You have the choice to pay by credit card, by check or in cash, over secure Internet connection or over the toll-free (1-800-) phone. And as soon as you are finished reading this phrase you will understand that you can easily register MindIT! on-line right now.

IMPORTANT: All registrations are processed by independent payment processing systems. Kamatoz Computing will never have access to your credit card information, personal data or anything else specific to your payment information.

You can register MindIT! either via RegSoft or RegNow. Both registration processing companies are well-known on the Internet as trustworthy registration services which means you are absolutely secure while paying for MindIT!

After we have your payment confirmed we’ll send you via e-mail the patch file which will personalize your version of MindIT!, enable all the features and remove the nag screen. You’ll also get a chance to use lots of great personalization plug-ins at site.

Register MindIT! via Secure Server connection (