FileTransit: Wow - 5 stars of 5 possible!

Tucows: Impressive - 4 cows!

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner!

FileHungry - Best - 5 out of 5!
There are times when one image is much worthy than thousand words...

See the actual screen shots of MindIT! in action!
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Know what time is it now in USA, Moscow, Tokyo or Madrid

Use cool new features like Password Revealing, CTRL-ALT-DEL disabling, hiding TaskBar! Run all the programs you need to optimize Windows performance with one click!

Have your PC and Internet usage stats at hand! Know how much money you have on your ISP's DIAL-UP account any moment!

Set and use 8 flexible multi-function alarms!

NOTE: All screenshots are taken from full registered version of MindIT! 3.30 ENG

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